T.H. Tibor Hargitai

Tibor Hargitai, is a Hungarian-Canadian visual artist, born and studied art in Budapes, Hungary.

Currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. He also worked in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Palermo, Florence and Verona.

Over the past thirty  years he has been exhibiting internationally with a focus on his conceptual work “Time-Space-Life”. This work highlights his efforts by breaking moulds and challenging conventional dogmas about contemporary art.

The Time-Space-Life concept started by incorporating mirrors into three dimensional surfaces. 

Life is an ever changing continuum, this is what Tibor tried to show with his paintings early on.
To test the creation process these art works were publicly displayed in a way that allowed those viewing the artwork to interact with them in a more visceral way. Asking where does the creation process of the painting end and how does the observer get more involved than just viewing the work but asking them to participate by situating themselves in the art.

He went as far as translating his painting into poems, for nine years, “DOT TO DOT”.
Writing instead of painting did put an emphasis on mark making, which will come to its full potential in DOTART.This period resulted in over three hundred Hungarian poems

In 2014, a new philosophy, concept and method evolved into what he has called “DOTART”. In which he embedded a marking device tethered to a chain in the middle of the canvas. He created new works as well as using past works to embed these markers so as to have the audience participate by adding their own marks to the piece.
This new concept has been exhibited in art galleries, museums and art fairs.
DOTART  is an inclusive and interactive art form, since the observers are invited to add to the painting with the installed marker during the show. By design the result is always a ‘dot’ of overlapping information on the surface, hence the name DOTART. It is an equalizer, everyone is equal, no gender, ethnicity or age can be detected on the canvas. The painting is always current, relevant and contemporary. Finally, Time-Space-Life is united and a hundred years after Malevich’s concept of Supersuprematism is achieved.

In 2015, to honour women, “DOTART WOMEN” evolved from this concept..This realm of work deals with the questions relevant to women in times of mass migration, phobia, violence and racism. Another series of work was also born out of this concept, “TOTEM WOMAN” in which the art-object itself become a marker in time, space and life.

In 2018, a new series “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” was inspired by a turning point in time, the death of Stephen Hawking. He had tried to warn us about the inherent dangers of Artificial Intelligence. That same day Tibor introduced a new motif into his paintings….a skull and binary computer language also started to getting filled with /OIOIOI/ the binary language of the A.I.. The Skull is an other equalizer. These compositions are a stark reminders of the ever stronger influence of the empowered algorithms on our fragile humanity.

In 2020, he started his “END OF DAYS/ blind as a skull” series. This body of work is focusing on environmental issues, pollution and Artificial Intelligent. Also stretching our understanding of TIME-Space-Life. All this is in the middle of the pandemic of COVID-19.