DOTART is a revolutionarily new philosophy in Art being inclusive, dynamic and changing. Each painting starts with a chain installed in the center, with a marker attached at the end. The radius reaches the edge of the picture, defining an area. This surface represents time and space, given to us in life, with the illusion of freewill. The fixed center point dictates the creation of the dot. During an exhibition, people are invited to put their mark on the canvas with the marker; feeding information to the surface, and creating a new image each time a mark is applied - keeping it alive. The result will always be a dot of overlapping information. At the end, the chain is removed from the surface, releasing the painting. Time Space Life can be explained by the point, in which the concept of trinity exists as one. The point is what is real, and the dot is what’s created reflecting an observable illusion; our universe. The art movement started in Toronto in early 2014 by T.H. 

The concept of DOTART, in Hargitai's art theoretically overwrites all of his paintings. In 2014, he declared all of his painting to be DOTART, past and future. This is why he uses some of his previous works still in his position, as a base for a new DOTART painting. This is why the portraits in the DOTART WOMEN series, only serves as a foundation, a base. In life everything is evolving, changing, nothing remains the same. To manifest these with a painting, DOTART is the way.

We have DOTART in our collection was created by over a hundred thousand people over a six month period, resulting a black dot of information containing millions of overlapping marks.