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DOTART WOMEN series each canvas size is 32"x32" or 81cmx81cm
The series is dedicated to Women. Mother-Lover-Daughter. Originally three different portrait of a woman was painted and exhibited in three different exhibitions in three cities. Barcelona, Rome and Paris. Each was exhibited as a DOTART. To keep the image "alive" from the Louvre's Parisienne show, the painting's original image was turned to a silkscreen. This silkscreen forms the base to the series. DOTART WOMEN ORIGINAL

Each painting comes with a marker attachable to it, just like the original shown above the way it
was in the Louvre. (It will be deattached for shipping!) If you buy one, it is up to You as the new caretaker of the artwork if You letting the creation to continue, by reinstalling and using the marker on the surface.
Since all of these painting canvases are the same dimensions, they can be displayed
in groups to fill a larger wall space. Some is meant to be in a pair or even in a group of fours.

Please note, some of the paintings Of the series was later exhibited and even continued as a DOTART. This provenance changed the painting as well the value of the work changed. It is reflected on the listing price.

Not in your budget? No problem.
We offer limited edition prints from the collections we sell online. Even if an original is sold and not available we probably have a limited edition numbered and signed print with certificate of authenticity for the fraction of a cost for you. So you can start your collection.